Our Day at the Sixth Annual Asbury Agile Conference

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We recently attended the Sixth Annual  Asbury Agile conference last Friday. Born from the Jersey Shore Tech Meetup, Asbury Agile is a laid back day of presentations that are less about agile methodology and more about promoting and sharing new ideas.
Asbury AgileAsbury Agile Asbury Agile

Jet.com senior engineer Gad Berger kicked off the event with a discussion of how Jet uses microservices across their Internet sales platform.

Next, Jonnie Hallman stepped up to discuss work/life balance and how that guided his development of the Cushion app for freelancers.

Mona Soni, Dow Jones director of technology was up next t discuss how to build a test engineering culture, followed by Jonny McLaughlin, director of engineering at GIPHY running an animation deathmatch between web animation tools.

The day was rounded out by presentations from David Sorin, partner at McCarter & English, Cap Watkins, VP of design at Buzzfeed, Joseph Smith from iCIMS and Lisa Luo, a mobile engineer at Kickstarter.

The day closed with a party at the Soundbooth Bar at the Asbury Hotel.