– Global Numbers saves thousands of dollars in telecommunications fees!

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By: Alon Cohen – Global Number and Virtual Office eliminate cell roaming charges!

If you are involved in a job that requires traveling outside the United States I am sure you twitch every time you see your monthly phone bills associated with the roaming. If someone else picks the tab for you, I am sure you can gain a few points with your company if you point out this amazing money saving method, not to mention improve your company financials and who knows maybe even prevent layoffs. Virtual Office has two main features that can help. First one is smart call forwarding. By setting your cell phone to conditionally forward calls to your Virtual Office number you can now have the Virtual Office number forward the calls to the destination country where you use a local ‘pay as you go SIM card’ in your phone.

The forwarding is engaged as soon as you turn off your cell phone, or switch SIM cards. Any one who calls your cell will now be directed to your new SIM number and you bypass the roaming charges, in most cases incoming calls on the ‘pay as you go’ do not cost a dime, and you or your company also enjoy the aggressively low international rates available from

So far you saved a bundle on incoming calls and roaming charges. Now comes the second part of saving on the outgoing calls:
By setting up a Global Number in each country of your standard destinations, you can now call into the Virtual Office system dialing a local number in each of those destinations. The cost of a Global Number is fixed ($4.88 or $12.88/month depending on the country) and the minutes are taken from your Virtual Office plan without any addition of any international rates.

Using the Virtual Office you can set up an elaborate menu system that can forward calls to your regular destinations in the US or around the globe. Starting from your office, home, important clients and so on.

By implementing Virtual Office in such a way, you eliminated your international roaming rates, you have eliminated your extra roaming charges and you can potentially save thousands of dollars per trip.
The cost of a Virtual Office plan starts at $9.88/month and if you want Global number then you add $4.88/month or $12.88/month for every destination country where you get a Global Number.

Try it. You will like it. And has 24*7 customer support ready to address your calls and help you get started!

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