WebRTC Video Conference Quick Facts

Phone.com Video Conference is a web application that requires no download and lets callers see each other in real time.

Phone.com Video Conference was designed as an add-on to regular calls or conference calls. The program does not replace your audio conferencing channel; it simply adds a video component to it.

Minimum Requirements

  • Google Chrome, Firefox, or Opera browser
  • Screen sharing supported only on Chrome and Firefox
  • Phone.com active account
  • Phone.com conference bridge ID

Main Features

  • Multi-participant screen sharing
  • Fully secure video, chat and screen-sharing options
  • Director Mode:
    • The app display has three main areas: Main Video, Self View and Chat.
    • The Main Video area has three key zones: Main View, Editing Table and Picture in Picture. During a Director-led session, the Director controls what the rest of the participants view on the Main Video area, while hiding all other feeds from participants.
  • No change to the way you make your audio conference calls
    • Simply adds Video to any call or audio conference bridge

Using Phone.com Video Conference


  1. To begin, go to: https://video.phone.com.
  2. To join, participants must fill the Conference ID and Name fields, and then click Start Conference:
    • Conference Bridge ID: All participants must enter the same conference ID to be able to participate in the same video conference. (You will need to circulate the conference ID prior to the video conference.)
    • Name: The participant’s name, so that they can be identified during the conference by name.

Phone.com Video Conference Screens

Moussing-over participants images in Video Conference will reveal the layout controls. Double-clicking a participant Video will place it in focus and minimize all other participants.

General Video Area Definitions & Director Control Icons

The layout control buttons allow each participant to personalize the layout and direct their own viewing experience. A director mode is also available. Once you become the session Director (by selecting that option under the main app menu) you begin directing the viewing experience for all participants.

The Director mode is suitable for sessions where the presenter needs to control the message and data being displayed to all participants.