How Do I Set Up a Phone Menu?

A menu allows your callers to choose an extension or queue, listen to recorded information, leave a message or perform any combination of actions.

Menus are often presented to callers using a recorded greeting that gives them a list of routing options. For example, you could ask callers to press [1] for Sales or [2] to leave a message, and so on. You could also direct callers to a call queue, a dial-by-name directory or a variety of other services, based on the keypad numbers they enter.

To set up a menu, you will need to first create a voicemail greeting that describes the keypad options that callers can select. Depending on the options that you present, you may also want to create a second greeting to play when callers press an invalid number—that is, when they press a number or key that is not used in your menu.

You can then add a new menu with routing settings that match those in your greeting.

Setting Up a Menu

  1. Mouse over Configure and click Add a Menu.
  2. Enter a name for your menu (example: Daytime Reception), select the outgoing message and invalid-entry message that you want to play, and check Yes for Allow Extension Dial. Then click Continue.
  3. Starting at the top of the Caller Selection list, begin assigning routing rules for each of the keys that you want to use in your menu. To do this, click Edit, and then select the incoming call type, operation and any other actions required for the routing rule, then click Save Rule Setting. For example, to forward all calls to Tech Support, you would select All Calls, Goto Queue and select a queue that you had previously set up called Tech Support.
  4. Assign routing rules for any remaining keys, and then click Save Changes.

Note: When setting up your menu, you can also add a rule for callers to search for someone in your organization by name. To do this, you will need to set up a Dial-by-name Directory before creating your menu.