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What is and what can it do? is’s browser-based app that allows you to manage the day to day of your business right from your computer, in your favorite browser. provides you the ability to do:


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Who can access

Every user, whether you are on Classic or our NxT version, can use  Read this article to learn how to log in based on your account and credentials.

Which browsers are supported? is fully functional in these modern browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and works on both Mac and Windows machines.  Safari is also supported, but does not support making or receiving calls.

What should I do to get started?

To get started with

  1. Using your browser, go to
  2. Log in!  How to login depends on your account and user type, see this article to learn more.
  3. Accept the notification permissions.  Thats the big orange bar.  Notification permission is used only to send you notifications when you get new texts, faxes, and to let you know you have incoming calls. If you do not allow the permission, incoming calls will not work.

What is an inbox, like My inbox and the Company Inbox?

“My inbox” is your personal stuff, only accessible by you, and so private.

“Company Inbox” is a shared inbox that contains voicemails, messages, faxes and call logs that is accessible to all teammates within your company.  So you can collaborate and process the backlog of work all together.

Learn more about inboxes in our inbox article.

Chat Support

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