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What is Meetings and what can it do for my company?

Meetings is the name of our secure video conferencing platform.  With it, you can meet online with teammates or guests such as your customers, and conduct meetings for example to close a deal, or help them with some support issue.

With Meetings you can:

  • meet online
  • see the history of meetings
  • listen to your past recordings
  • read a transcription of your meetings
  • schedule a meeting in advance, and set specific security settings

How do I use the Meetings app?

To learn all the features of our advanced Meetings app, see our dedicated documentation link below:

There you will learn things like:

  • how to schedule a meetings
  • how to record a meeting
  • how to access your past meetings and find your recordings
  • how to invite participants to a meeting
  • how do I share my screen during a video meeting
  • how to setup a waiting room so you accept people to join explicitly
  • how do I join via phone a video meeting

and much more!

As an Admin, how do I configure Meetings for my users?

To setup meetings, simply go to the Configure app (NxT accounts) and click on the (+) sign next to the user to whom you would like to provide a host access code to.  After you did this, the user will be able to use meetings from within


Before meetings is enabled for a user, the user will see this page:


After your admin adds Meeting to your user, you will see:



Is Meetings also how I can do audio-only conference calls?

Yes. Use the dial-in details of your Meeting bridge:



Pro tip!  Meetings allow a mix mode of people joining in using their computer / video, as well as people joining in just with the phone!  This is ultra convenient if you are on the go!

What is the Meetings Dashboard?

The Meetings dashboard is a separate app that will allow you to schedule meetings, find your meeting recordings, and change some key settings.  Learn more about it below on our dedicated support page:

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