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1.  FAQ

What is the Calls App?

The Calls App is the primary way to place outgoing calls. It also provides a detailed view of all call records with info such as date, time, call-time, call type, caller ID and more. The app also provides a quick way to make calls using the recent calls list. 

How can I access the Calls App?

The Calls App is accessed by signing into as an administrator or standard user, once signed in simply select the Calls App from the left Navbar.

Who can use the Calls App?

The Calls App is available to use for Classic and NxT users.

Can I make calls using

Yes, you can make calls right from your browser.  To learn how to make calls, see the web calling documentation.

2.  See recent calls

Call History

The Calls App provides a history of all calls made and received for an individual user. The Recent Calls list is organized in chronological order and contains quick-view info such as call type (inbound / outbound), the time the call was placed, and the caller ID (or contact name). The list also provides a quick-call option via the Call button.


Call history


Detailed View

Call details can be accessed by selecting any call entry from under the Recent Calls list. Once the Details appear on the right you should be provided with:

  • Caller ID or Contact Name (if contact was previously saved)
  • Date and time Stamp
  • Call Type (Incoming / Outgoing)
  • Phone Number used for call (your number)
  • Call Recording (when call recording is enabled)

Call details


Call Bar

The call bar is located on the bottom section of the screen and is visible at all times. This allows users to place calls using the tool without having to navigate to the Calls App.

Responsive View

The Calls App will render using one of three sizes depending on the size of your browser. When the browser size is reduced to a minimum the app will go into responsive view to make use snappy and easy.


Calls App


3. Make or receive web calls

To make calls using your browser, click on Make a Call from within the calls app.  To learn more about web calling, see this documentation.

4. Listen to call recordings

To listen to call recordings, find the related call log from within the inbox in which it was associated, then click the Play button.  If you aren’t seeing any call recordings, make sure that your admin user has enabled call recording for the number that was used to make or receive the calls.

Listen to call recordings

5.  Block numbers

Blocking Numbers

Getting spam?  Block numbers so future calls or texts from that number are ignored.

To block a number, find the number in the call history, then hover on the number in the call details, and select Block Number.

Also, if you answer a spam call, you can block the number while still in the call by pressing *9.

Manage blocked callers

If you wish to change the numbers that we’re blocked, contact your admin user, they can unblock number via the Configure app.  See documentation here.

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