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This article provides instructions for logging in to all of’s applications. The instructions for some applications vary depending on which version of you are using. If you or your organization signed up for on or after November, 27, 2020 you are using the NxT version. If you signed up prior to that date, follow the instructions for the Classic version.

Log in as a User

If you are using the NxT version, or if you are a Classic administrator, you can log in as a user, using the email and password that you set when you joined  If you do not remember your password, see below to reset it.

You can download and install our mobile app for iOS from the Apple Store.

To login to our web apps, simply open the correct link below: is our web app for making calls from your browser, managing your address book, sending and receiving text messages, reviewing voicemail, and more.

Administration Portal



Log in as an Extension

If you are using Classic, and you are not an account administrator user, you must log in using your extension details, and use your voicemail PIN as your password.  This way you can sign in to the mobile app,, and the control panel.


Extension Login Screen


You will need to enter your phone number, your extension number (e.g. 505), and your voicemail PIN.  If you do not know those values, you must contact your administrator, and they will be able to provide it for you.

Log in to Communicator Desktop Softphone

To login to our Communicator Desktop Softphone, follow the instructions found here.

Resetting your password

If you do not remember what your password is, go to our login page and click on “Forgot my password”, then enter your email, and follow the instructions to reset your password:

Forgot Password Screen

Then enter your email in the form and click “send reset code” Login Screen

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