Get Started

This page will walk you through what you need to do after you signed up for an account (haven’t signed up yet? Sign up first).

1.  Watch the video


2.  Get started with these easy steps

It’s super easy to get going with your new system, just follow the steps below.  You can click the links, they will open in new tabs, so you don’t lose this checklist.

First, test your new number:

  1. Open our web app, 
  2. Enable notifications (see orange bar) so you can receive web calls
  3. Using your mobile phone, call your new phone number
  4. will ring.  Answer then the call then hang up.
  5. Now, go to the Message app, and send a text to a friend.


Now, configure your service:

  1. Review your company settings. Learn more  or open app .
  2. Invite your business partners or staff, by adding them as users. Learn more  or open app.
  3. Go to the Numbers page, and type in a good label for your number. Learn more  or open app.
  4. Configure your main number the way you need it, e.g. add a menu. Learn more   or open app.

Finally, get our mobile app:

  1. Download our mobile app, use the link in the text we sent you at sign up.
  2. Call someone using the mobile app, ask them what numbered it showed.
  3. Answer a call on your mobile app.
  4. Send another text to your friend that you texted in the 1st step.

3.  Contact our support team

Got confused, or prefer we set it up for you? 

No problem! 

Our friendly, specially trained, technical support team will be happy to assist you with any concerns you may have regarding your new service.  

They can help 24/7 and are based in the US.

You can contact them by chat, phone, or email from our support home page .

Here are some advanced things they can setup for you:

    1. Ordering or connecting a desk phone
    2. Setup a call queue 
    3. Setup a schedule like business hours
    4. Setup a fax line


Chat Support

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