Setting Up Your Dial-by-name Directory

A Dial-By-Name Directory can be useful in assisting your callers in reaching their destination and is a helpful option if you have a menu.

Configuring Extensions for a Dial-By-Name Directory

1. Log into the Control Panel
2. Navigate to Configure and click Manage Users & Extensions
3. For each extension you want to add to the Dial-By-Name Directory, click Edit
4. In the General Settings section, make sure the name field of the extension user is added and Include in dial-by-name directory is set to yes.
5. Click Save Changes

Your extensions are now configured for use in a Dial-By-Name Directory.

Activating you Dial-By-Name Directory

1. Navigate to Configure and click Manage Menus
2. Click Edit for the menu where you will add the Dial-By-Name Directory
3. Click Edit for the menu option that callers will select for the Dial-By-Name Directory
4. Click Select Operation and choose Dial-By-Name Directory
5. Click Save Changes

You have successfully activated a Dial-By-Name Directory. Remember to update the outgoing message of your menu greeting to include the new menu option.

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