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Recording Your Conference Calls

To record a conference call, you need to forward one of your numbers to the conference bridge number, activate call recording for that number, and enter the conference through the forwarding number.

Forwarding a number to the conference bridge number

1. Sign into your account
2. Navigate to Configure and click Manage Numbers
3. Click Edit for the number that you want to forward to the conference bridge number
4. Click Edit next to Number Action
5. Change Select Operation to Forward Call and enter 805-309-0111
6. Click Save Changes
You can now enter the conference bridge through a number.

Activating Call Recording

1. Mouse over Configure and click Call Recording (bottom right).
2. For Call Recording Status, select On and then select the call-recording plan that you want to use (300 minutes or 1000 minutes).
3. For Call Recording Mode, select Custom.
4. For Call Recording Beep, select the option that fits your needs. If set to On, you will hear a beep tone to play every 15 seconds during your call to indicate that the call is being recorded.
5. Navigate to Configure and click Manage Numbers
6. On the Manage Numbers page, check the box for the number you want to Record.
Note: Do not have all conference participants enter the conference through the number. Each participant counts as a separate call and doing so will quickly use all of your monthly plan minutes. Only one participant should enter the conference through the forwarding number.


To check your call logs, mouse over Call Info in your account settings, and click View/Search Call Logs. To review the recording, click the play button beside the log of the completed call. You can also download the recording as an MP3 file.

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