Forwarding Calls to Your Number

Forwarding calls that come into your number is the first action you will need to set in your account settings.

Calls to your number can be routed to a number of extension types, including:

  • Your mobile phone or an IP desk phone
  • Your communicator softphone (phone software installed on your computer)
  • Your business menu or voicemail
    Regardless of where you forward your number, the actions you take will be similar for each process. The instructions below show you how to forward calls to an extension or another phone number.

Forwarding Your Number

  1. Mouse over Configure and select Manage Numbers.
  2. Select Edit for the number you want to forward.
  3. For Number Action, click Edit.
  4. Change Select Operation to Forward Call.
  5. Enter the phone number or extension that you want calls forwarded to. You can also set additional ring options like ring duration and hold music.
  6. Click Save Rule Settings.

Calls will now be forwarded to the number or extension you set.
You can add additional routing actions by clicking Add Next Action. For example, if you want your calls to go to your voicemail after ringing for 20 seconds, you will set Leave Voicemail as your next action.

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