Desktop App Overview

1.  FAQ

What is the desktop app?

The desktop app, also sometimes called the “Communicator” or our “soft phone”, is our application that you can download, and it runs directly on your computer, just like your other applications.  It doesn’t run in a browser.

The desktop app as a few advantages vs. our web app, read along!


Desk top Communicator


What does it do more than

Here are things you can do with the desktop app that cannot be done in (yet!):

  1. Easily find your app: you can easily find the app by looking into your computer taskbar, or by using the quick app browse option.  You will see there a logo, that’s the desktop app!
  2. Transfer calls: with the desktop app you can transfer calls.
  3. Easily know how many unread items you have: by looking at the Badge on the task bar icon


Task bar icon


That’s about it! Otherwise using you can do everything else, and you don’t have to install any app. 

What can I not do in the desktop app that I can do in

    1. You cannot access the Company Inbox: the company inbox is only available via today.  You can only access your own personal inbox using the desktop app.
  • No Text messages on MacOs


2. How to Download the Communicator Desktop App

You can download the desktop app for either Windows or Mac with these links:



3.  How to login

To learn how to login to the desktop app, see the instructions in our help me login page.

4.  Using the desktop app

You use the desktop app in a fashion very similar to how you use today.  See the documentation here.

We will augment this documentation soon, stay tuned, and always feel free to reach our support team here for any other questions.

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