Control Panel Overview

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What is the Control Panel?

The Control Panel is our advanced configuration tool.  It can also be used to see what is happening within your company by seeing what messages and voicemails are not yet answered by your teammates.

How is the Control Panel different from the Configure App?

The Control Panel is the more advanced configuration tool that is best suited for people who know how to configure a PBX system, but allows more complex phone setups.  The Control Panel is accessible for both the Classic and NxT versions.

The Configure App is available only for NxT users, and provides a more simplified way to configure your service.  The Configure App can be accessed via clicking on Configure within the menu of

What can I do with the Control Panel?

With the control panel you can do things like configure a call queue, route calls based on business hours, update greetings, setup advanced call routing rules, and more.

Where can I find more information about the Control Panel and all the features?

You can find additional articles under the “Control Panel” category in our Support Center

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