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1.  FAQ

What are User phones?

User phones are the physical devices that are assigned to NxT Users – Pro and Plus (Basic users cannot be assigned phones).

* Applications or running on your computer or smartphones are not considered user phones.

How can I assign a phone to a different user?

When you order phones, the support team will assist in assigning the phone to the user of your choosing. If you need to re-assign the phone to a different user, feel free to contact our support team for assistance.

What are E911 emergency services and how can I make sure my phone has the correct emergency address? 

With E911 or Emergency 911 services, can provide the caller’s location to 911 dispatchers. In order to ensure is able to provide the correct emergency address to 911 dispatchers, make sure to always update the E911 address of your phones when you re-located them.


To update the E911 address, go to Configure/Phones/User phones and locate the phone you wish to update. There are multiple values within the interface that will assist you in identifying the phone you need to update the address for.


Why can’t I find my phone on the User phones list?

Any phone assigned to a user should appear on the user phones list. If you have common area phones, meaning phones that are not assigned to NxT users, they will not appear on this list.

If for some reason the phone is assigned to an NxT user and it does not appear on this list, contact our service support team to assist you.


2.  User Phones Overview

On top of and our client applications, users can also be assigned physical phones, which can be used to make and receive phone calls. Once a phone is assigned to a user, several of the user’s settings are inherited by the phone, such as the extension used to make calls, the outbound caller ID.

* Note that only Pro and Plus users can be assigned physical phones.


Navigating to the user phones section:

  1. Log into using your administrator credentials.
  2. Click on Phones.
  3. Select User phones on the top navigation options

* Accounts that don’t have any phones, will only be able to see the Add phones menu, which will guide you on how to add phones to your accounts. 


Below you can see the user phone interface:

User phones

1. Label

Displays a name to uniquely identify each phone. By default, this field is empty. You can update this field to a name that will help you identify the phone.

2. Ext

Displays the internal extension number that will ring this phone.

3. Assigned to

Displays the user assigned to this phone. The extension and the user are directly related.

4. Model

Displays the manufacturer and model name of the phone.

5. MAC Address

Displays the MAC address assigned to the interface the phone uses to connect to the internet. A MAC address is a unique identifier to each phone and is commonly used to help differentiate between phones. The MAC address is typically located on the back or under the phone and our support team might ask for it as part of troubleshooting. 

*MAC addresses can be identified from the 12 hexadecimal digits, often separated either by hyphens or colons, are not case sensitive, and only ever include the letters “A” through “F”. Examples: 80-5B-B0-E8-63-FC or 80:5B:B0:E8:63:FC

6. E911 Address

Display the E911 address assigned to the phone. If there is no E911 address, the field will show either the following button:   to add an address or a “” sign when the phone is unassigned.

* It’s critical that an E911 address is added to every phone being used. The next section describes all the details around setting up E911.

3.  Setting E911 emergency address provides all of its two-way phone service subscribers with basic 911 (which refers to the ability to connect a 911 call to a public safety answering point or “PSAP”) and provides enhanced 911 or “E911” (which refers to the additional ability to provide the PSAP with the caller’s telephone number and location) where available. Customers utilizing one-way calling services or over-the-top (“OTT”) applications only, including MAC or PC softphones and mobile applications available on iOS and Android, do NOT have direct access to E911 service.


For more information, refer to our terms of service.


Important information around E911 emergency services:

  •’s E911 emergency services are limited to the United States of America and Canada.
  • All phones that are assigned to users must be given an e911 emergency address in order to provide reliable emergency services.
  • Enter your complete address including additional information, such as suite or apartment number.
  • If you move your phone to a different location, you MUST update your e911 address.


Notification counters for missing E911 emergency address:

In order to clearly inform you of phones that are missing E911 address, you will find notification counters in 3 locations of our interface:

  1. On the left navigation menu within the Phones option.
  2. On the top navigation menus within the User phones option.
  3. On the E911 address column within the main navigation area.


These notification counters fulfill 2 purposes, (1) They will inform you of how many phones are missing e911 emergency addresses and (2) They will guide you to the section where you will be able to update them.


Entering an E911 emergency address:

    1. Log into using your administrator credentials.
    2. Click on Phones.
    3. Select User phones on the top navigation options.
    4. Locate the phone you wish to enter an emergency address for.
    5. Select the   icon underneath column E911 ADDRESS.
    6. The following dialog box will appear:


  1. Enter the address where the phone is located. Make sure to enter the actual address where the phone is physically located, regardless of whether they are within the main office or in a remote location.
  2. Click Confirm
  3. The following confirmation message will appear, confirming the address was saved.


Updating an E911 emergency address:

The process to update an E911 address is the same as entering a new address, with the exception that you will see the current address followed by .

  1. Click on the icon.
  2. You will see the same dialog box with your current address stored.
  3. Update the address to the new address.
  4. Click Confirm.


The address will be updated to your new address. Note that if the address you enter cannot be stored, your previous address will remain on your phone.


Problems storing E911 emergency addresses:

If the address you provide is unable to be stored, you will see the following error message:

Recommended steps:

  1. Try a few more times.
  2. Confirm you are entering directionals, such as North or South.
  3. Make sure you are entering the correct suffix, such as street, boulevard, place, among others.
  4. If you have an additional address, such as an apartment or suite, make sure to enter them correctly.
  5. Confirm with someone else in your company that the address you are entering is the current address for your business.
  6. If all fails, as directed on the message, select Help on the left navigation menu and click Chat with support.

Chat Support

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