Delete a Phone Number

1.  FAQ

What is the “Delete Number” Feature?

Delete number is an option that allows customer administrators with access to to remove a phone number from the account. This provides customers flexibility for situations such as a number is no longer needed; there is a need to replace it with a better suited number; or there is a need to cut down costs on monthly expenses.


What should I expect in my invoice after the number has been deleted?

If your account has been charged a monthly fee, then you will receive a prorated refund on your invoice after you delete the number.

Depending on your plan and number of users (for Plus and Pro users), your account includes phone numbers. If the phone number you deleted is within the total included phone numbers, then there will be no refunds added to your account.


Can I restore my previously deleted phone number?

You can restore the number deleted from your account within 30 days from the deletion date. Please note that a $10 DID Restore fee will be added to your account. Use the ‘Restore button’ on the Advanced Settings to restore your number.


2. Deleting numbers

To delete a number just simply click on Delete Number from the options menu (three dots icon to the right for each number).

Delete a phone nuber


Make sure to confirm the number you will be deleting, and if all looks good, click Delete.

Confirm deletion


Once the deletion is successful, you will get the following confirmation message:

Confirmation screen

3. Issues deleting numbers


Temporary Numbers

If you have a temporary number on your account which has been added as a part of Transfer a number request, you will not be able to delete this temp number. The system will display a message to notify you about that.

In order to delete a temporary number, you will need to cancel the transfer request altogether by going into Advanced Settings / Configure / Manage Numbers, and selecting the Delete option next to the number you wish to delete. Remember this will cancel the entire transfer request.

Unsuccessful Deletion

If your deletion is unsuccessful for any other reason, wait a few minutes and then try again within a few minutes.

If you still cannot delete the number, contact support by selecting the Help option.

Error message.

Chat Support

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