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2. General
3. Ringing One or Many Users
4. Playing a Menu
5. Send to Voicemail
6. Setup as Fax

1.  FAQ

What is configure numbers?

Configure Numbers is a tool designed to provide the account owner with a quick and easy way to route calls to their business. This tool is especially useful when setting up a menu to make customers think you are a bigger organization or when setting up groups of users to ring at the same time.


How can I access configure numbers?

To access the configure number flow simply find the number you wish to configure and select the Edit icon (looks like a pencil icon).


Who can access this tool?

This tool is only available for the account owner / admin. However if your business is ran by you and a business partner, both would be considered admin’s and both would access the tool using the same set of login credentials when applicable.


2.  General

Accessing configure numbers

Configure numbers is accessed from the My Numbers tab by selecting the Edit icon (looks like a pencil icon).


Configure a number




Possible configurations

We offer 3 number types, Main company number, Voice line, and Fax line. Currently, you may only have 1 Main company number on your account.


Select Number Type

Main company number and voice lines

With the introduction of Company Business Hours we now offer the ability to route phone calls according to when your business is open, closed, during lunch, when observing national holidays or any custom hours or events your company might participate in. You will only see these options after you opt into the Custom business hours within the Business Hours Tab under the Company Settings.

Keep in mind that if configuring a voice line you must opt into the business hours settings by toggling the switch that appears to the right of Use company business hours to the ON position, otherwise you will not see the call option bar.

Open and After hours

Once you have set up your business hours you will have to set the number as your Main company number or voice line by accessing the number type drop-down field at the top of the page and setting where you want text messages to arrive. You will then see Open hours and After hours (Holidays and Lunch break will only show if they were setup on the Business Hours Tab) – Select the Open hours option and configure your number for when your business is open. Do the same for the After hours option.

Keep in mind that if configuring a voice line you must opt into the business hours settings by toggling the switch that appears to the right of Use company business hours to the ON position, otherwise you will not see the call option bar.

business hours


Holidays and Lunch break

The Holidays and Lunch break sections will only appear if you configured those under the Business Hours Tab. We set the call flow to be the same for them as After hours but this can be customized to your needs by toggling OFF the switch and specifying a new call flow. One you are all set simply save the configuration and your number is now configured to route calls depending on the time of day.

Note: Make sure to set your company Timezone correctly under the General Settings Tab found under the Company option using the left Navbar.


Clearing a number configuration

You can remove any number configuration by selecting the action menu (located on the far right of the phone number) under the My Numbers tab and select the un-assign option provided.


Clearning a number configuration


Doing this effectively removes any previous configuration and provides a quick way to redo a configuration, this also makes it possible for the number to show under the Unassigned phone number list within the Configure Users app. Once complete you should see a message confirming the changes.


Unassign a number


The number will show as ‘unassigned’ once the configuration has been removed.


Unassigned number


3. Ringing one or more users

Ring users can be used to have a phone number ring one or more users at the same time. By far the most common configuration for 2 or more business partners sharing the work-load –  This method also provides a way to direct voice messages and text messages to a single user.


Set voiceline business hours


First, select the user where you will be sending any text messages the number receives (you can only send text messages to one user per phone number)

business hours

After selecting the ‘Ring users’ option you will be asked to select the user or users to ring, simply select the drop-down option shown and select the users from the list.

company business hours

Repeat the same step for where to send the voice messages in case the call is missed.

set business hoursSet call flow rulescall handling rules

Select the ‘Save’ button to save the configuration, the application will provide a confirmation that the configuration was saved successfully on the bottom of the page.


Save the configuration


You can always verify if the configuration was saved by viewing the number from the My Numbers tab. You should see the phone number, any label set, the call configuration and where voice messages and text messages are being forwarded to.





4. Playing a menu to route calls

Ring a menu is perfect for businesses who want to project themselves as a larger organization. The configure numbers tool provides just that with a few clicks and selections. This option provides a quick way to set up your menu greeting, menu options and how to handle the call in case the caller does not make a selection.


Set call flow rules


After selecting the ‘Play a menu’ option you will be asked to select one of three ways to assign a greeting. You can select the ‘Read a text’ option to type in your greeting, just make sure to use proper punctuation as it is sensitive to these rules.



You can also use your machine’s microphone to record the greeting with your own voice or the voice of a colleague by selecting the ‘Record a message’ option.



Once selected press the ‘Start recording’ button and begin recording your greeting, once you’re done recording simply select the ‘Stop recording’ button.



You should be able to preview the recording by selecting the ‘Play/Pause’ button or re-record the greeting by selecting the red ‘X’ located to the right of it.



We also provide a way to upload your own audio file in case you have it. Simply select the ‘Upload audio file’ option and select the ‘Upload a file’ button.



Search for the file and select it so it can be uploaded. Make sure the file type and size is within the limits.



After the file has been accepted and uploaded you should be able to preview it by pressing the ‘Play/Pause’ button or if you wish to upload a different file simply select the “Upload a file button again.”



Once the greeting type is selected you will be asked to set up your menu options and actions. Simply think of how many options you want to offer to your callers and add them by selecting the ‘Add menu options’ then, assign the user or users to ring and where to send the voice message in case they miss the call and repeat for all remaining menu options.



You can always remove any unwanted menu options by selecting the red ‘X’ to the right.



After the menu options and actions are set you have to decide on one of three options in case the caller does not make a selection after your greeting is played. You can ring a user or group of users by selecting the user drop-down list and selecting who to ring.



You can also send the call to a user’s voicemailbox, the company mailbox or your own.



Or you can simply disconnect the call entirely.




You should see a confirmation on the bottom of the page that says the configuration was saved successfully.



You can always check the number under the My Numbers tab to make sure it was saved correctly.



5. Send to voicemail

You can send callers directly to your customized greeting, this configuration is particularly important for businesses that have active marketing campaigns and just need to provide info to their callers.


call handling rules


Simply select the ‘Send to voicemail’ option and then select the user or company inbox you wish to forward the calls to and save the configuration.

configure voicemail


You should be able to see the configured number under the My Numbers tab.



6. Setup as a fax

Setting up numbers to receive faxes through is made simple with this configuration.



Simply select the user’s fax inbox to send them to.



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