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1.  FAQ

What is the “add numbers” for?

Add numbers is a tool designed to make number selection and acquisition fast and easy for the account owner. It is used to add numbers from our available selection to your account so you can make and receive calls, messages and faxes. 

What type of phone numbers can I add?

We offer a selection of Toll-Free US numbers, local US numbers, custom numbers and foreign numbers.   We also have custom (vanity) numbers that aren’t free but are worth it as they provide your business with better marketing power.

Can I use my new phone numbers right away?

For the most part recently acquired phone numbers can be used immediately whereas some custom numbers require some time to use, we offer temporary numbers in these cases until your number is ready to be used. 

2.  Adding numbers

Accessing add numbers

Adding numbers is easy, simply go to the Configure Numbers app and select the ‘Add Numbers’ Tab above then select the link mentioned on step one to access the advanced settings.

Add numbers screen


A new tab will appear and will load the advanced settings login page. Sign in with your username and password.


Advanced sign in


Once you sign in you will see the four number options, simply select the tile for the number type you want and wait for the page to load.


Choose a number type


Toll-Free numbers

Selecting a toll-free number using the filter provided to weed out any undesired choices is easy, simply select the drop-down list and select the type of toll-free number you are looking for and wait for the results to populate. Make your selection from the results provided or start all over by selecting the ‘Reset’ option located on the upper-right hand corner.


Toll-free numbers

Once you are ready to check-out select the ‘Add Number to Account’ and verify the price summary is correct then select the ‘Confirm’ button.


Add a number


After confirming the charges you will be directed to the ‘Manage Number’ section within ‘Advanced Settings’ where you can review the recently added numbers using the search filter.

Local numbers

Local numbers are the most commonly used numbers and they can be used to give a business the image that they are locally operated within a city or region. 


Local phone numbers


Our local number search offers a city/region and an area code filter. Simply select the filter and type in your city or region and select it from the search results provided, then wait for the results to populate.


City or region


You can also use the area code filter if you are searching for a specific area code, simply select the filter, enter the area code and wait for the results to populate.


Search by area code


Custom numbers

The custom number selector contains three filters, a key-word filter, a matching filter and a pricing filter. You can use these filters interchangeably to narrow down your search significantly saving time.


Custom number picker


To use the key-word filter select the field and type in any word or set of words


Search by word

The matching filter will work in the same way but will only show results that are an exact match.


Look for an exact match

Finally, add the pricing filter to only show the numbers within a certain price range.


Filter by price

Global numbers

Global Numbers can also be added, simply select the Global tile and select the country from the drop down list then check out the number once selected.


Global phone numbers


You can also use the city filter to narrow down the search if you are looking for a number from a particular city or region.


City filter

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