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1.  FAQ


What is the company setup wizard?

The company setup wizard is a quick and easy way to get started with the process of setting up your new account. 


How do I access the company setup wizard?

The wizard automatically starts after going through the account signup process. 


What is configured as part of the company setup wizard?

The wizard is broken down into a series of 4 steps. These steps include company setup, business hours, user setup and call handling. 


How can I rerun the company setup wizard?

Currently, the company setup wizard is a one-time experience that will guide you through the main configuration. This means that once you complete the company setup wizard, you can no longer start it again.

Nevertheless, if you want to make any changes after the Company Setup Wizard is finalized, you can do so by navigating to the Configure application.


What happens if I leave the setup wizard experience?

We will require that you complete the wizard experience if you leave the initial session, revisiting an unfinished session will restart the wizard from the first step but will keep any saved changes that were made. 


Why am I seeing “Processing” under Direct numbers?

If you see processing under Direct numbers, it means that the Direct number is still being configured for that user. You will be able to see the Direct number later, by going to the Configure tool, and navigating to Users/Manage users.


Can I opt-out of the company setup wizard?

There is no opt-out option for the wizard. If you have questions regarding any of the steps we recommend contacting our customer support team at (800) 998-7087.


2.  Company Setup Wizard Overview

The Company Setup Wizard is a step-by-step experience that will guide you through the basic settings needed to get your account up and running.


The company setup wizard is constituted of 5 different pages:

  1. Welcome splash screen, which is simply a transition page between the signup and the company setup experience.
  2. Company setup, where the administrator can configure company-level settings, such as business time-zone, caller ID name, company VM greeting as well as music on hold selection.
  3. Business hours, where the administrator can select between open 24 hours or having open and after hours.
  4. Users setup, where you can set the first and last names of any users added at signup; enter an email to send out user invitations to join your account as well as assigning phone numbers to basic users. 
  5. Call handling for your main number, where you can select between multiple different options to handle callers into your number.


Take into account the following points:

  • You will be redirected to after the Company Setup Wizard is finalized.
  • The company setup wizard is a reduced version of the Configure tool. Once the wizard is complete you may choose to access the configure tool to make any remaining changes.


3.  Setting up your company

Immediately after your signup experience is complete, you will be redirected to the Company Setup Wizard.


Navigating the wizard

The wizard experience allows you to navigate back and forth between the steps in case you need to make changes as you go. The navigation bar located at the bottom of the wizard contains the back and next buttons to do so. 



You may also choose to navigate directly to a desired step without going through any steps that may be in between by using the stepper trail located atop the wizard itself. You will only be able to use the stepper on previously visited steps that have the green checkmark. The blue circle indicates the current step and any gray steps that are yet to be covered. 


Company Setup Wizard


* Note that changes are saved when you navigate out of each step. This allows you to return later and continue with the configuration.

Welcome splash page

As soon as your account is created after signing up you will be directed to the welcome page for the wizard, simply select the Get started button to begin the wizard. If you signed up on a mobile device the wizard will launch in a mobile-friendly version. 

Company Setup Wizard


Company Setup  

The company setup step contains 4 sections which are Timezone, Caller ID name, Company Voicemail and Music on Hold, all of which will already contain pre-selected values. 


Company Setup Wizard


To change your timezone select the field containing the pre-populated zone and type in your time zone name or scroll through the list to find it. 

Company Setup Wizard


The Caller ID will be pre-populated with your business name but might appear cut off in case the business name exceeds 15 characters. If you need to change it to something different simply select it and type in the desired name. 


Company Setup Wizard


Under the company voicemail section, you will notice a pre-populated greeting containing a mock greeting that includes your business name. 

Company Setup Wizard


We offer three ways to set up your company VM greeting in case you’re not satisfied with our default, text to speech, record a greeting or upload an audio file. 

The text to speech is our default selection, it works by entering a piece of text and having our AI voice generator speak it out to your customers when they reach your voicemail. Once you are satisfied with the text you may select the playback option to sample the greeting. 


Company Setup Wizard


Record a greeting will use an audio source of your choice such as a built-in microphone, headset or external microphone.

Company Setup Wizard


 Simply select it, allow microphone permission when prompted to and begin recording.

Company Setup Wizard



You may also already have a pre-recorded audio file that you use with your current phone system, simply select the upload option and select your file from your local storage and save. 

Company Setup Wizard


Music on hold is the sound that is played when any of your callers are placed on hold while calling your business. We default our music to soft rock but that can be changed by selecting a different music type from our built-in music list or you may record or upload a greeting of your choice similar to how you set up your voicemail greeting. 

Company Setup Wizard


Business Hours  

Our business hours step offers two choices, an Open 24 hours option and a Custom business hours option. These options will determine how calls get routed for your main company number (selected at checkout).

Open 24 hours means calls will be routed according to the call flow of your choice (decided on step 4) regardless of the day of the week or time of the day. 


Company Setup Wizard


Enabling Custom business hours will let you set the operating hours and the after hours for your business. This means you will be able to decide how and when calls get handled throughout the business day.


Company Setup Wizard


User Setup  

The user setup step is where you get to invite any team members that will be part of the experience. This step allows you to update your first and last name in case you need to change it from the one you entered on signup. 

To invite users simply enter their first, last name and email address and the system will send them an email invite after clicking Next. Users will be receiving an email invitation, where they will set a password of their choice and will be given access to the service. You can also add email addresses later in case you are not sure about their email or you wish to configure your account first. 


Company Setup Wizard


This step also allows you to purchase and assign phone numbers for your users.


Company Setup Wizard


Things to consider:

  • Users on a basic plan will need to pay an additional monthly recurring charge.
  • For multi user accounts, a number is automatically assigned to each Pro/Plus user. You can change these numbers later.



Call Handling  

The final step of the wizard is the call handling step where you customize how calls are handled according to your business needs. If you enabled custom business hours on step 2 you will have the added option to set how calls are handled during open hours vs. after hours.


Company Setup Wizard



Welcome message

This is a message that will play before the call is handled, this greeting is pre-populated with your business name but can be changed by re-entering text or choosing the record a message if you prefer to record your voice as part of the welcome greeting. You can also upload an existing audio file to greet your callers.




Ring Users

Call handling is where you choose what action to take when calls arrive, you can choose to ring a user or group of users (including yourself).

Company Setup Wizard



Use a Menu

Send the call to an interactive menu where calls can be routed according to the option the caller selects.

Company Setup Wizard


Send to Voicemail

Send the calls directly to voicemail.

Company Setup Wizard


Forward to a number 

You can also forward your incoming calls to an external phone number by selecting the Forward to a number option and entering a phone number. 

forward to a number


Options for forward to a number

To configure the forward call settings select the pencil icon next to the phone number field (you should see a dialogue box appear) 


Caller ID

Once the dialog box pops up you will see three forward number options (Caller ID, Voice Tag and Call screening) – The first option is the Caller ID section that contains two options, Caller’s ID and Called Number. Caller’s ID will display the phone number of the person who called you, selecting Called Number will display whichever phone number the caller dialed.

forward options


Voice Tag

Any text entered under the voice tag field will be played as soon as you pick up the phone call (before the call is connected with the caller), this is a useful feature for customers who may have multiple numbers with different business types, this way they are prepared to answer the call accordingly.



Call Screening

The call screening feature offers the ability to connect or reject the incoming phone call by pressing 1 or 2 on their dialpad. This feature can be used concurrently with the voice tag feature to let users know what calls to answer and what calls to send to voicemail. The option to connect or reject the call will play after the voice tag text is read.


forward to a number



No answer rule

The ring useruse a menu and Forward to a number selections include an added No answer option to handle the calls in case no one from your team answers.

The No answer option for ring users offers the option to ring a second set of users or send the call to voicemail.

Company Setup Wizard


The No answer option for the use a menu option offers a third option to disconnect the call.

Company Setup Wizard

All these changes will take place once you navigate away from the step. This means that any calls into your main company number will immediately follow the options you defined above.


Submitting the wizard 

After you are done with step 4 you will see the Next button is actually a Submit button. Selecting this option will initiate the account configuration step needed to make sure all your choices are applied to your account. 

Once the account is configured you will see a confirmation screen and shortly after you will be directed to the communications tool called where you will be able to make and receive calls, send and receive messages, listen to voice messages, send and receive faxes, begin video conferences and configure your teammates and contacts. 

Company Setup Wizard






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