Bringing Your Own Phone to

If you have a desk phone that you’d like to use with your service, our Customer Service team can help you set it up.

Because there are so many device makes and models, you’ll need to talk with one of our representatives to see whether your make and model will work with our service. They will also help you configure your device settings.

Before you call, please make a note of the following details:

  • Your phone’s make and model number.
  • Your phone’s Media Access Control (MAC) address. The MAC address, sometimes called a Serial Number (SN), is usually located on a sticker on the back or under side of your phone. It is a 12-digit hexadecimal string (example: ECC822B07C38), and we need it in order to add the phone to your account.
  • If the device is from from another phone-service provider it might be “locked” so that it only works with that service. Please check the documentation that came with your phone, and let us know if the device might be locked when you call us.

When you call, we will confirm whether your phone will work with’s service, add the device to your account and help you set it up.

If your phone doesn’t work with our service for some reason, we have a wide range of phones and adapters for purchase.