Adding an International Number

As a small-business owner in a global economy, your customers could be anywhere in the world. With, you can add an international number to your account to reach a wider audience. We suggest taking a look at our competitive international rates.

There are also several countries where landline destinations are free to receive and make calls from, including Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Puerto Rico and the United Kingdom. Adding a number in these countries could save you money!

Keep in mind that you can’t add an international number if you are on a 30-day trial. You’ll need to upgrade to a paid account.

Adding an International Number

  1. Mouse over Configure and click Add a Number.
  2. Click Add Global.
  3. Select the country and then the city for which you’d like to add a number.
  4. Select the phone number that you’d like to order, and click Add Selected Numbers.

The international phone number that you selected is added to your account. Get ready to go global!

You will be billed a pro-rated amount for service at the end of the month. From then on you will be billed for your monthly service.