Adding and Assigning Your Voicemail Greeting

Ready to start setting up your voicemail? Start by adding a greeting.

A voicemail greeting lets callers know they’ve reached your number, and provides information on leaving a message or choosing other actions.

This article covers how to add a voicemail greeting in one of three ways: Using our Text to Greeting tool, uploading a recorded greeting file, or by recording your greeting on the phone. It also shows how to activate your new greeting on your extension.

Create a New Greeting

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Mouse over Configure and click Add a Greeting.
  3. Enter a nickname for your greeting, for example, Voicemail, and select the phone extension you want to restrict this greeting to (Restricted to). Leave Allow for use as hold music set to No.
  4. Click to choose how you want to add your greeting, and complete all required fields:
    • Text to Greeting: Enter the greeting text that you want to convert to an audio message. Select a voice for your greeting from the drop-down menu and click Add. Our Text to Greeting service will translate the text you enter into a greeting that will be saved to your account.
    • Record from Phone: Click Click to Record a Greeting, enter your phone number, and click Call. Answer the call and follow the prompts to record your greeting.
    • Upload New File: Click Choose File and browse to select the audio file you want to use as your voicemail greeting. Click Upload.

  5. Click Save Greeting to the right of your screen.

You’ve added a greeting to use on your voicemail!

Activate Your Voicemail Greeting on Your Extension

  1. Mouse over Configure and select Manage Users and Extensions.
  2. Select Edit for the extension on which you want to use your greeting.
  3. Scroll down to the Voicemail section.
  4. Select your voicemail greeting from the Standard Greeting drop-down menu.
  5. Select Save Changes.

You’ve assigned your greeting to your extension. Now be sure to forward your number to voicemail!