Phone Solutions With A Point And A Click

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namebadgesWith some phone systems, many changes and additions require some additional assistance from tech support and may even cost an additional fee. However, with, there’s no need to worry about hidden charges or having to wait a long period of time for certain changes to go into effect.

Daniel Collela of Name Badges Inc. uses our service for that exact reason. Name Badges Inc. is your one-stop service for nametags, ID cards, nameplates and awards. You can customize your services with no additional setup fees and, like, Name Badges Inc. is dedicated to providing awesome customer service.

Name Badges, Inc. has been with us since 2010.  The previously used a PBX phone system that cost more than $30,000!  In addition to that, tech support was costly. Collela remarks, “We constantly had issues. Any time we needed to make a menu change, we had to call a tech out and get hit with $125/hr bill.” With, you just login to your control panel, make the change, save the settings and reboot (as needed).

Some features that Name Badges Inc. enjoys using include voicemail notifications through email and menus that are simple to update.  “[] took something that would take years of training to master and made it a point and click solution that ANY non-tech savvy customer could use,” David emphasizes.

As far as our customer service, Daniel had a few kind words to say: “ customer service is on the ball! You email or call them and get a response instantly. We have not had an issue that we were not able to fix or get guidance for.”

We strive to make the system as easy and smooth for customers to use. Now if you’re in need of a name badge, Name Badges Inc. can help you personalize just as easily as you can personalize your phone system at