Phone Number Privacy

With all the proliferation of location based services from Faursquare to Facebook (do they???), and others, there is a need to be able to limit that exposure of your location information. Using a Virtual Number blocks the ability of the user or software using the number from finding your location but keep making calls and SMS from mobile phone intact.

I personally give my mobile phone number out to any of my friends and family (people I trust), and most often give them my phone number simply because it will reach me wherever I am (home, office, cell) but, when I order a pizza or the pharmacy asks for my mobile number they get my number. If you don’t want to give our your office or home number then add another number to your account and give that out in place of your cell number. I feel safer that way and I’m sure many of you will to. It is somewhat similar to giving out an unidentified yahoo, hotmail or gmail email address.

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