Phone greetings, menus and 800 numbers

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Some of the favorite features about Virtual Office are a) the phone greetings, b) the menus that can be created and c) obtaining a toll free number (and in many cases your own vanity number) along side your local area code number.

With these basic features a business as small as a part time- work from home business can feel as big as a multi location, national business!

So many small business owners and other sole proprietors still use their cell phone or home phone as their main business line. But by obtaining a “virtual number” with and setting it, through your online control panel, to play a welcome greeting you recorded (or had the professional recording studio record for you) you can direct your customers and clients to the appropriate company department through the menu selection. Even if it is you on all extensions!

That is it in a nutshell! All the rest is a great bonus: ring several phones at once or in order, ring based on time of day, ring based on caller ID and even greet different callers with a different greeting based on their caller ID and of course voicemail and fax that can come straight to your email inbox and even transcription of your voicemails to text, so you can read them from your blackberry or other smart phone when you can’t hear or just to save time.

The service is easy to set up, comes with the first month free of charge and includes 24*7 live customer support and the price is extremely attractive with plans starting at $9.88 per month for an annual plan or $14.88 for a month to month plan.

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