’s Virtual Office is Perfect for International Business

Everyone knows how costly international calling can be but some businesses require it to thrive. Virtual Office offers affordable phone service for large and small companies conducting business internationally.’s Virtual Office alleviates much of the stress associated with direct international calling or the use of calling cards by offering cheap international calling at affordable monthly rates.

There are several ‘included’ destinations like Canada, France, Germany, the UK and several others. These included destinations do not require an additional monthly fee to call. Calls made to these countries are simply deducted from the minutes included in the basic plan. This set up is both unique and beneficial to customers because the list of included destinations are those that are widely used amongst many companies operating in the United States.

You can easily dial out of your cell phone and call international destination with no worry of paying any expensive international minutes by taking advantage of the mobile office or mobile voip dialers.

Global Numbers is another excellent way to grow your international presence by obtaining a local number in your country of choice that your international customers can reach you at. You wont have to worry about losing out on potential customers because they are either unwilling or unable to pay the long distance charges to reach you via phone. The Global Numbers feature helps small businesses appear much larger and better equipped to handle international business endeavors without the high costs associated with traditional phone services.
This feature requires an additional fee of either $4.88/month or $12.88 monthly depending on which locations you are planning on calling.

The features offered by Virtual Office are unparalleled. Customers enjoy features like call forwarding, call logs, call recording, call transfer, call waiting, caller ID, Dial-by-Name directory, and unlimited extensions with personal voicemail boxes. Virtual Office gives clients and prospective clients a sense of professionalism with the Virtual Phone Attendant.

Virtual Office is great for employees on the go as calls can be forwarded to multiple phone lines that will simultaneously ring until the call is answered with Follow Me Calling. This is especially useful if you are worried about missing calls after hours. Virtual Office is incredibly mobile as you can download the Android app and use it on your phone. If you have employees out of town or working from another location, all they need to do is bring their phone and plug it into a broadband Internet connection and receive calls using their same phone number! is also one of the very first companies to offer iNum dialing. iNum numbers are offered free of charge to Virtual Office customers and allow customers to receive calls from international destinations. For more about iNum click here.

Setting up a phone line with Virtual Office is easy and can be done online at with plans starting at just $9.88 a month. All of these amazing features with international calling come with a friendly 24*7 customer service team!