’s Outgoing Fax Service Saves Me Again

As I enjoy the last day of my vacation and prepare to head out to the Consumer Electronics Show tomorrow I’m getting emailed to check out all kinds of apps, services and hardware while I’m in Las Vegas. One in particular that I really like asked me to sign an NDA and fax it back to them as soon as possible so I can get a sneak peek.

Well I was able to get the document printed and signed but our friends don’t have a fax. What am I supposed to do you ask. No way did I want to miss out on seeing what the company was creating.

Well not to worry, I don’t even use a fax machine anymore at home or here on vacation. I uploaded the signed NDA to the PC in the house, opened up my trusty control panel and faxed the document from there. In all of just a minute or 2 I had got the signed document onto the computer, logged into and sent the fax. I will admit, I send very few faxes but it seems like when I do have to send them they’re very important. As usual saved me some stress and time from having to find a fax machine in this case.

As a little follow up the piece of hardware I got to see is amazing but I only got to see it because I was able to send that fax from my Control Panel.