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“I have always been impressed with Phone.com’s virtual pbx service.”  What a nice opening sentence to a blog about our new multi number Virtual Office plan.  Leo Welder of CWHighlights.com and ChooseWhat goes on to say “(Phone.com) has always been one of the highest quality, best priced, most feature rich services available.  It now appears that they have updated their pricing, and, at first glance, it looks even more appealing.”.  Leo is talking about the fact that we’ve added a second number to our basic Phone.com Virtual Office plan at no additional charge.   

Leo goes on about how he thinks we have the best deal, he likes the idea of the 2 numbers so he can make one a fax line.  Others will want a local and a toll free number and some will have 2 numbers for different means of advertising so they can track where their leads come from.

We appreciate these nice reviews and are so happy that we can provide a great service that fits all different needs for all different people.  We’re here to serve you so don’t hesitate to reach out to us on FacebookTwitter, our toll free number (800-998-7087) or via chat on our website.


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