’s Mobile Web App

As I enjoy my vacation overseas I have come to realize how much I rely on It’s helped me more times then I can count on this trip. I’ve had some serious technology issues along the way here with the local mobile phone provider I usually use, I won’t go into details but what I will say is that I’ve gotten very accustomed to our amazing mobile web app. I’ve been a big advocate of mobile web apps for many years now. I’ve learned that they don’t always replace downloadable phone apps themselves but can be very useful when you can’t access the phone app. I’ve been using since I arrived here and it’s been a real life saver. I’ve been able to make calls back to the US to check on family, chat with friends and wish people a happy holiday. My wife has been able to make work calls while I’m driving and most importantly we were able to call a close friend when we found out his mother had suddenly passed away. That was so important to my wife that it would out weigh any costs incurred. I don’t want to forget to mention how much I’ve been texting from the web app as well.

Yes there is a cost to doing this. One, you have to have a local sim (if you don’t want to pay outrageous roaming fees and two, I’m having call me back, so I’m not using minutes on my prepaid sim so there’s an international calling fee to my local sim. But truth be told it is quite minimal about ¢11.7 per minute which if you’ve ever done any international calling you will know that’s very competitive.

I’m disappointed I’m not able to use the way I normally would using Mobile Office (because the mobile phone company messed up my plan) but the nice thing is is that has the option. It’s allowed me to not stress about making calls. It’s been a great experience and I suggest folks give it a try, it’s nice to know your options so take a look at from your cell phone browser (keep in mind you may be charged for internet usage if you don’t have a data plan or are using your phone over wifi).