’s Mobile VOIP App Keeps You Connected Via Wifi

I got an email from Alon our CTO this last week talking about some technical stuff and at the bottom he mentioned that he was at the Grand Hyatt New York and had absolutely no cell phone service. No calls in or out, that meant that everybody inside that room and on AT&T (that’s his carrier) were out of luck. I hear this is a common problem in the New York. Anyways he went on to tell me that he along with the other people using on their iPhones we’re the only ones able to make and receive calls. Why you ask… Because the calls go over the wifi they’re connected to. This could be a life saver literally, if someone had had a health emergency.

Living in 2011 I honestly take for granted having coverage on my cell phone. It’s a given to me that where ever I go besides maybe an elevator or basement I’ll have reception. So when I heard this I was a bit shocked but really happy that’s Mobile VOIP app was there to keep Alon connected.

I’m curious, do you tend not to visit a store, rent an apartment or dine at a restaurant if there’s bad or no reception on your cell phone at that location? I think I would choose the store that had better reception if necessary, I don’t like being disconnected from my wife, family and friends, let alone the web.