’s Mobile Voice App Saved Me From Mosquito’s

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Last week I was in Yellowstone spending time with family. But I had to get some work done so I set up shop in the downstairs of our rented cabin. Truth be told it was about 4 feet underground. Well I got almost no cell phone reception downstairs but had to be on a few conference calls during this trip. We (it’s a factor for me when choosing lodging) had wifi with descent speed. I was able to use our Mobile VOIP app for the iPhone/iPod Touch and make calls to my hearts content. I was using VOIP downstairs and had better call quality then when I was making traditional calls via my cell phone provider upstairs. The Mobile VOIP app saved me from having to go outside in mosquito infested Yellowstone to participate in conference calls and sounded excellent while doing it.

I’m a huge fan of VOIP and this was just another feather in it’s hat for me.