’s Mobile Office phone App Saved The Day

Sitting in my office working a few days ago I heard sirens and thought nothing of it until I went to do something on the web and my internet wasn’t working. I did my usual unplugging and restarting my modem and 2 wireless routers but nothing worked. Next I called my ISP’s customer service which sadly I have saved into my mobile phone because this isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened. Once I got through to them they told me a car accident had taken out a node or pole or box, they weren’t really sure, but it was down. My next question was how long until it’s back up and running and they said it would be hours.

My brain starts going, what about my conference call I had in a few minutes, and the phone calls I was expecting the rest of the day. My desk phone is now rendered useless. I realized, no big deal, is forwarding my calls to my cell phone, so I wont miss a thing. Plus having the brand new BlackBerry app on my phone I can access my call log, send/receive text messages and most importantly that day I was able to set up a conference call bridge so I could still conduct my conference call.

The lesson here is that saved the day with it’s Mobile Office app on my mobile phone. It was like having my regular desk phone in a smaller form factor. If I didn’t work for I would get them just for their mobile phone apps, without a doubt. Having a powerful office phone system is important, being able to afford it is even better but having a contingency plan if you can’t use it because your internet goes down is priceless.’s Mobile Office app saved my day.