’s iPhone VoIP App Creates the Next Generation of Mobile VoIP

So I was reading a post on our blog titled “Why Continue Paying Roaming Charges?” and I started thinking about experiences Ive had. Lets start with the fact that at the moment our Mobile App for the iPhone is pure VoIP. Next point is that I live in Southern California which has its fare share of earthquakes.

Over a year ago we had a significant earthquake here in the LA area and my wife was out shopping with my daughter at the time. What is the first thing I do without even thinking is grab my cell phone and dial my wife. Well it seems like a lot of other people had the same idea because I wasn’t able to call out. Like anyone else I hung up and dialed again, then repeated and repeated. I don’t panic and I wasn’t but I didn’t know where they were and I was concerned. Next thing I did was text my wife because that should work, right? That’s what Ive always been told. Well she wasn’t getting back to me fast enough.

I realized I was probably not able to call out versus her not able to receive my call so I did what any good phone nerd would do, I switched to VoIP (Over WiFi). My office internet was still working, I new it was because I was Tweeting about the earthquake. So I placed my call and just like normal I was connected and my wife answered the phone. She told me she and my daughter were fine and then started into the story about the women she saw who collapsed into a crying panicking mess next to her. All was good in my world again.

The point of my story is that VoIP is ready for the big show, even more our app has an automatic mode to select between 3G or WiFi networks so it provides network redundancy in a sense. VoIP is reliable and something that is now business critical for me. I rely on VoIP for many very important calls. Many of us already use VoIP even if we don’t know we are, as its part of the backbone of our telcos.

If you are using already or you’re considering it, make sure to download our Mobile App, it works with all our offerings. If you are on an iPhone I think you will be very pleased with our VoIP service.

Has VoIP ever helped you out on a pinch?

Give it a try and if you have any questions for us you can email me at or reach us on Twitter at @PhoneDotCom.