’s ATA’s Allow Users To Utilize Standard Phones

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Choices are nice and likes to give you choices, in this case I’m talking about analog telephone adapters. Commonly known as ATA’s, these give you the option to use a standard telephone. This can be a corded or cordless telephone that uses an RJ-11 plug (the “regular” phone plug). Meaning if you have a home phone or office phone already you can most likely use it with if you have one of our ATA’s.

The ATA is a simple box that makes your standard phone an IP phone. The ATA usually plugs right into the high speed internet and your RJ-11 phone plugs into the ATA. You can then plug a computer or wireless router into the ATA. There are many different configurations possible so check to see what is recommended for you. The ATA allows your phone calls to capture the necessary bandwidth minimizing any hiccups in your call quality. It also saves you from getting IP phones.

The two common set ups I’ve seen are a corded phone plugged into the ATA for a small business usually needing just 1 phone. The other is a cordless phone system plugged into the ATA so there are multiple handsets available. This can mean there are handsets on different desks around your home or office.

ATA’s are very simple to set up though you should allow 20 minutes for it to provision itself (you don’t have to do anything). I’ve never had it take that long but please be patient. If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments or email me We are also always monitoring Facebook and Twitter.


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