’s ATA Makes Setup Very Easy

Are you concerned about purchasing hardware if you switch to a new office phone system? With there’s no need. Do you have a desk phone or a cordless phone system and you don’t want to replace them? Well you’re in luck. has a great little device about half the size of an old VHS tape called an ATA which makes it possible for you to keep your current handset. With our Virtual Office plan you get an ATA for $5/month, this ATA does the magic. You just plug in your current telephone with an RJ11 plug into the ATA and the ATA into your modem and walla you will be ready to make and receive phone calls.

It’s really just that easy. At we want to make your life easy so you can Communicate Better and more simply. So if you are worried about buying new hardware and set up hassles don’t be. Plus our award winning customer service team is available 24 hours a day to assist you.