’s Address Book Feature

The address book feature is one of many that you get when signing up for It’s not just a typical address book, it acts as a caller ID as well, on your cell phone as well as a desk phone by stating the city and state the number originates from in the US (I haven’t tested it from overseas yet) if the number isn’t saved into your address book. And if the number is saved in your address book then the you are told the name from your address book.

Let me tell you how beneficial this really is. Imagine sitting down to a family dinner and your cell phone rings, you might answer it but if it’s a number that’s not in your address book already then you may know that it’s not your most valuable client and you can send it to voicemail to deal with later. But if it is that most important client then you just might excuse yourself and get the biggest contract of your life. Now answering the phone at the dinner table may not be a big deal at your house but it is at mine and let me tell you, by hanging the phone up and saying “nah, family is more important” you will feel good. And if you do that most of the time the family is ok with it when you do have to take that call from the most important client.

If you already have a lengthy address book you can easily import it into in .CSV format or you can go the old fashion way and input all the numbers in yourself. Whatever you decide I suggest taking the time and getting the numbers in there for your sake, at least the most important ones. And as always if you need a little help has operators available 24 hours a day as well as instant message (IM) chat support most of the time. Plus I can be reached at