Worked After Last Weeks Earthquake, The Other Services Did Not!

Last week I got reminded why some people can’t stand California (I’m not one of them) and why I love SO much. I don’t say that lightly, though their name is on my paycheck. Last week we had a minor earthquake, no one was hurt as far as I know, it was only a 3.8 magnitude but that’s strong enough to wake a person up a lot faster then a cup of coffee. The night before my daughter slept over at my parents house so like any good parent I called over to make sure everyone was ok. At first I was unsuccessful. I tried calling from my home phone, my cell phone, my other cell phone and my wife’s cell phone. I wasn’t all that worried that anything was wrong but I felt like I should call anyways. All the standard means of communication were being overwhelmed by other people calling their loved ones as well so I could have waited or I could dawn my Super Mobile Phone Geek outfit and ensure I’d be able to call them. Well this was only semi geeky, I called my parents using After earthquakes the lines always light up and people can’t call out, though typically a person can receive a call. So I grabbed a trusty cell phone and dialed over making my call entirely over the wifi network on my end. I was able to call them find out everything was ok and go on with my day.

This really isn’t geeky at all, it’s really very simple. The phone I was using, which will go unnamed because we’re working on the app now was able to call over the web and circumvent the jammed traditional telephone lines. Now I could have done the exact same thing with our Home Phone Plus service as well as our Virtual Office service. Even calls made via our Mobile VOIP app on the iPhone would have worked the same way.

If I wasn’t already a user I would become one for just this single reason alone. We all know there are natural disasters all around the world and people always want to call their loved ones but I know now that I’m being responsible to have a line. It’s responsible to make sure you can call out and receive calls in situations like this. I’ve been in this situation before and I’m sure I’ll be in it again so I know that I’ll be keeping for a very long time. Now I’m not saying to drop all your traditional telephone lines but don’t you think you owe it to your family to be prepared? Plus you’ll have the cutting edge technology that offers and a much smaller phone bill.

Think about it and think about the feeling you would get it your gut if you weren’t able to call to make sure your kids or loved ones are alright when not if there’s another natural disaster.