Will Be My Lifesaver in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress

As Mobile World Congress (the largest mobile tech trade show) rolls around again I have started thinking about my communication strategy. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate to be off the grid. At the moment I realize that I have to give in on many flights and not be reachable but I even sometimes book flights to layover in a US city versus overseas because I won’t have any issue with currency or my cell phone.

That being said is going to be my lifesaver this year in Barcelona and my other travel destinations abroad. In past years I’ve had to do all sorts of trickery like forwarding calls through multiple services which always causes audio issues if it even works and it doesn’t always.

This year I have a very simple but useful plan that utilizes just 1 service, Many people already have my number which is what I’m going to use. I will forward my number to a Spanish sim card I have. That’s it. No seriously, it’s not any more complicated then forwarding your number to your phone number in your destination country.

All you need to do is have a sim card in a phone with a number you can forward your number to. You’ll need an unlocked GSM phone. A Spanish sim card, I use Yoigo every year but you can use any. Lastly and most importantly you will need a account. I have a Virtual Office account and in my control panel I go to Settings then Call Handling Rules and add my Spanish phone number. Once I save it I’m ready to go. I do this before taking off because I already have my phone number but it can easily be done once you buy a new sim card at your destination. Don’t forget that when you get back home you stop the forwarding.

Lastly, I’m sure you’re wondering how much forwarding your calls to your Spanish sim would be. It runs from 16¢/minute to 26¢/minute depending on what sim card you get to forward the calls plus it uses your regular minutes from your bucket of included minutes.

So basically you forward your number to a mobile phone number you have at your destination and you’re all set. You get charged between ¢16 and ¢26 per minute and you can take calls to your hearts content and save money over other options. If you have a BlackBerry, iPhone or Android phone you can even make calls from your foreign destination and have your number appear in the outgoing caller ID if you use our mobile apps.

If you have any questions about this, I know some people will, don’t hesitate to email me And don’t forget that this exact process can be done for any country an with any phone service abroad. Good luck and enjoy your travels.