Voicemail Gives Farotech The Professional Image It Needs

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Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at has many features that help businesses project a professional image, and voicemail is one of them! Christopher Carr, CEO of Farotech, believes it is one of the most important features for his company to have.  Farotech is an SEO firm in Philadelphia. Since 2001 they have helped many local Philadelphia businesses grow, implementing online marketing strategies and SEO service plans for each of their clients.

With regard to the voicemail system, Carr remarks, “One of the challenges that we have had as a virtual company is having a professional virtual voicemail system that works as seamlessly as a professional internal voicemail system.”   He goes on to say, “We work very hard to generate leads for our company, and we need to know that when leads call us, they have a professional experience.”

With numbers, it’s very easy to set up call forwarding to existing cell phone numbers.  As a business on the go, it helps maintain a separation between personal and business messages. You wouldn’t want clients to call in and get the wrong impression when they hear a generic or personal voicemail greeting.

Not only does Christopher appreciate our voicemail system, but he also finds our customer service staff “extremely helpful.  [The staff] guided us every step of the way and even checked in with us on a regular basis to confirm that their service met our expectations.”

If you are seeking to give your company the most professional image possible, our Voicemail feature is perfect for you.  Call us any time.  We are more than happy to help!