Launches New Video Meetings Service

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Video meetings


Telecom Reseller PodcastOnce living on the outskirts of UC with an interesting name and a less well understood platform, finds itself as a fast-growing company inside mainstream idea. The company had been making strides before the crises, but the sudden need for millions of business to find mobility and remote solutions has jolted more advances.


In this podcast Ari Rabban, CEO and Brent Barbara, SVP of Business Development discuss recent milestones and their recent announcement on an upgrade to their video service. We learn why the new video offering will be appealing to companies and will be an attractive service for the channel to offer. We learn how the new video service is part of a larger picture of helping customers migrate to home based employees. The podcast also focuses on how the new client-less video service is especially attractive to the healthcare sector.


Listen to the podcast at Telecom Reseller   >>

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