University – How To Set Up Your Voicemail

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If you prefer to make calls from multiple devices and locations, then you probably want to be able to check your voicemail from multiple devices and locations as well. With, you can check voicemail via phone, email notification, SMS, mobile app, or the control panel. Let’s first walk through setting up your voicemail.  This can be completed in four easy steps:

1. Create a greeting for your voicemail.
2. Set your voicemail greeting for your extension.
3. Enable notification settings for your extension.
4. Add a “Leave Voicemail” call handling rule for your number.

Creating a greeting

To create a greeting, go to “Configure” at the top of your page, and select “Add a Greeting” on the right. On the “Add a Greeting” page, give your greeting a nickname (1), select a recording option (2), and then save your greeting (3).

VM1.1Attaching the greeting to an extension

To begin, go to “Configure” again and select “Manage Users & Extensions.” Decide what extension you want all voicemails left on, and select the “Edit” box to the right of it. You are now on the “Extension Settings” page.

Scroll down to the “Voicemail” header and you will see a “Standard Greeting” field. Use this drop-down box to select the greeting you just recorded (1). You can also change your voicemail password in the password field (2), and enable/disable the default message prompt (3).

VM1.2Enabling notification settings

Below the “Voicemail Notification Settings” header on the current page you are on, you can enable various settings for voicemail notification by checking the box next to “Send an email notification” or “Send a text message (SMS) notification”. This will send you an email/SMS anytime that you receive a voicemail, fax, or SMS to your extension. Press “Save Changes” to save your settings.

VM1.3Adding a Leave Voicemail prompt

This step will vary slightly based on your current setup. You will want to locate the call handling rules for your number. On this page, as the very last rule, you will want to make a new action and set it to “Leave Voicemail.”  As you can see below, I am forwarding to extension 501 for 20 seconds, and then all calls go to voicemail on extension 500 if I do not answer the call.  Once you have this set, be sure to “Save Rule Settings” and give your number a test call to make sure it works properly.

VM1.4That’s it for setting up your voicemail!  Check in with us next Monday for some more knowledge!