University – How To Set Up Our iPhone App

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Our Mobile Office App is a great tool that lets you access and manage one of the extensions on your account from your iPhone. The app has many great features, including the ability to:

  • View SMS, voicemail and faxes in your Inbox
  • Place outbound calls using your number as the caller ID
  • Access your extension-specific call logs and address book
  • Send faxes from your iPhone
  • Set up a conference call
  • Change your voicemail greeting

If you haven’t already done so, download the app for your iPhone or search for phonecom mobile office on Apple’s App Store.

How to Set Up the Mobile App

After launching the application on your phone, it will ask if you already have an account with us. Tap Yes to continue.

The next screen will ask for your cell phone number. You will want to enter a valid cell phone number on this screen, as the app will later call that number and have you enter a validation code to authorize use of the app on your phone. Tap ok after entering your number to continue.

photo 1

The next screen asks for your number, extension number and voicemail password. If you do not know this information, here is a quick run-down on how to find it in your account on a computer:

photo 4

  • After logging into your account, go to Configure and select Manage Numbers. Choose any of the numbers listed on the Manage Numbers page.
  • To find your extension number, go to Configure and select Manage Users & Extensions. Decide which extension to use from this page.
  • To find your voicemail password, select the Edit box next to the extension you have chosen in the step above. On the Extension Settings page, scroll down to the Voicemail section and make note of the set of numbers in the Password field.

After entering the above information and tapping ok, the app will provide you with a validation code to enter when the app calls you. Make note of this number and then enter it after answering the call from

Once the app is fully validated, you will be on the home screen, where you can access all available features.

Tip: Tapping the More… option takes you to newly developed features that let you manage voicemail greetings and send a fax directly from your phone!

photo 2

That’s all there is to setting up our app! See you next Monday for more knowledge.