University – How To Send/Receive SMS

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Communicating just got easier.  The ability to send and receive SMS(Text Messages) is included in every plan. This means unlimited text messages to any US local number. Let’s walk through how you can configure this with your current number.

How To Send An SMS Message

Sending an SMS message is done within any extension on your account. To locate this feature, go to “Configure” at the top of your page, and select “Manage Users & Extensions.”

This will provide you with a listing of all the extensions on your account. Choose the extension you want to send an SMS from and click the “Edit” box. Then, on the left-hand side navigation bar of the extension settings page, click “Send SMS(1).”

You can also choose the “SMS” button at the top right corner of your account for quick access to SMS regardless of what page you are on (2).


This will open the SMS dialog box. Enter the number to send the SMS to and your message, then press the “Go” button to send it.

Please note: If you do not see the “Send SMS” link within the extension settings page, then you will first need to enable an outbound caller ID number for your extension as shown below. Select an outbound number to use (1) then select the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page. Upon saving, the “Send SMS” link will show up.


How To Receive SMS

SMS can only be received on United States local numbers. You will need to enable SMS forwarding for each of your numbers.

To accomplish this, go to “Configure” at the top of your page, and select “Manage Numbers.” This brings you to your listing of numbers. Click the “Edit” box next to a number to get to the “Edit Number” page.

Under the “SMS Forwarding” field, select the extension to receive SMS on (1), and then press Save Changes (2).


All of your SMS will now be received within the extension inbox that you have specified.

That’s it for today, join us next Monday for some more knowledge!