University – Saving Your Settings With Presets

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Presets allow you to save a copy of your call handling rules, which can then be applied at a later date. These are great if you need to temporarily change how your calls are forwarded but don’t want to lose your original settings.

Adding a preset

To add a preset, go to Configure at the top of your account and select Add a Preset. This will present you with the call handling rules page that you are accustomed to seeing. Set whatever call handling rules you want saved as the preset, add a unique name (1), and then select Save Rule Settings (2).


Activating your preset

After saving your preset, you will want to activate it on your call handling rules page. This will differ slightly based on whether you have a menu or direct forwarding. In this particular example, we are accessing the call handling rules directly from a number. To activate your preset, select the Use call handling preset option, choose your saved preset (1) and select Save Rule Settings (2).


Your preset is now activated and the call handling rules in the preset will be applied to all phone calls.

Saving existing call handling rules as a preset

If you already have call handling rules set up, and don’t want to have to re-add them as a new preset, you can use the Save as preset option within the call handling rules screen (1). Selecting this will prompt you to enter a preset name. After adding a preset name, select Save Rule Settings and your current call handling rules will be saved as a preset that you can use in the future.


That covers everything you need to know about presets. See you next Monday for some more knowledge!