University – How To Receive Faxes

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Receiving faxes on your account is easy.  It’s time to throw out that bulky fax machine of yours.  We’ve gone paperless!  To start receiving faxes, you’ll need:

  • A dedicated number that only receives faxes.
  • An extension on which to receive faxes.

1. First, let’s add a new number to your account. Go to “Configure” and select “Add a number” on the left. Choose the type, select your number, and confirm adding it. If you need a more detailed overview on how to do this, please review our past guide on how to add a number.

2. After the number is added, we need to configure it to receive faxes. Go to “Configure” and select “Manage numbers.” On the “Manage numbers” page click the edit box next to your new number. Click the edit box again next to number action on the next page. You are now at your call handling rules as shown below.


3. On the call handling rules page, change field 2A “Select Operation” to “Receive Fax(1)” and choose the extension to receive faxes on (2). Press “Save Rule Settings(3)” to confirm the changes.


4. Your number is now fully configured to receive faxes. All faxes will arrive in the extension inbox that you have specified. To check your faxes, go to “Configure”, select “Manage Users & Extensions” and then click the envelope icon next to your fax extension(1). This will get you to your extension inbox to check all received faxes.



That’s everything you need in order take advantage of our green faxing service.  Stay tuned next Monday for more tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your phone service.