University – Forwarding Your Number

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Welcome back to another University course! In this tutorial we are going to kick things into gear by learning how to forward our number. If you missed us last Monday we gave an overview of what you can expect from the signup process, and how to add your very own phone number.   This week, we are going to take it a step further and show you just how you can start receiving calls on that new number of yours. Ready? Lets begin!

1. Forwarding your number requires 2 simple steps! If you just signed up for your account, you’ll be on “1. Welcome” of the setup process (If you need to get back to this page at any time, simply press the “Back To Setup” box in the top right corner of any page). Simply enter the number you want to forward to in step 1, and then press the “Test (2)” box to test out the forwarding. This test will save the number you entered as the number all calls will be forwarded to. If you ever want to change this in the future, please follow the additional steps below. 


2. To begin, lets start by hovering over “Configure (1)” at the top of your page, and then selecting “Manage Numbers (2)” on the far left. The next screen that you get to will be the “Manage Numbers” page with all of your numbers listed. You’ll be coming back to this screen a lot, so get comfortable!


3. Our goal is to get into the “Call Handling Rules” for our phone number, and we’ll accomplish this in a couple of steps. First, go ahead and click the “edit” box to the right of your listed phone number.


4. The next page is full of some great settings to know about which we’ll cover in future courses.  Feel free to take a look and adjust anything you’d like. When you are ready to move on, go ahead and find “Number Action” and click the grey edit box that should say “No Rules Set” in red.

5. Welcome to the “Call Handling Rules” page! You’ll see this page in many different locations including your “extension” settings and “menu” settings so once you get the feel of how this all flows, a whole world of possibilities will open up for you. Let’s go over a few of the buttons here to get you comfortable.

FreeTrial2.4First, “Selection Operation (1)” is a dialog box that you will be using often.  Within this menu you can choose various options such as forwarding a call, leaving a voicemail, or going to a menu. “Add Next Action (2)” will allow you to add another rule field below the first one you just made, which is perfect for adding an action after telling the system to forward to your phone.  Finally, always remember to press “Save Rule Settings (3)” after you make any changes!

6. For this tutorial, we are going to forward to an outside cell phone. Accomplishing this requires a few, simple steps. First, we’ll choose “Select Operation” on field 2A, and change that to “Forward Call .” This will toggle a new dialog box on the right and you’ll want to enter your cell phone number in the white box that has a phone icon next to it.


7. Great, so now the system knows to forward all calls to your cell phone. Next up, we’ll go ahead and press “Add Next Action” on field 2B, and this will bring up another rule prompt. Go ahead and change this new rule to say “Leave Voicemail (1)” and choose the extension you would like all voicemails left on.  Finally, just click “Save Rule Settings” and you’re all set!  Feel free to try a test call (with a phone number different than the one you are forwarding to) to see how it all works.

That’s it for this week! Check out the video below if you’d prefer a more interactive demo of accomplishing what we covered here. Tune in next Monday and we’ll cover how to send a fax and check your voicemails.