University – How To Enable Call Recording

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If you run a call center, or need to maintain records of your phone calls for legal purposes, then you will want to enable call recording on your account. As part of our premium features, we provide call recording at the following rates:

  • 300 minutes – $4.95/month
  • 1,000 minutes – $14.95/month

In addition, we also offer a free inbound call recording option that must be manually activated on each call. Let’s walk you through how to set up both the free and premium versions

Using free call recording

This method is only applicable to incoming calls to your number. After the call has started, press *7 on your phone to begin recording the call. When the call is finished, a recording will be available within the call logs on your account.

To check your call logs, go to Call Info at the top of your account control panel, and select View/Search Call Logs. The recording will be listed to play next to the log of the completed call.

Using premium call recording

Our premium call recording is much more flexible, allowing recording for both incoming, outgoing, and number specific recording. To activate this feature, go to Configure at the top of your account, and select Call Recording on the bottom right.

On the settings as shown below, you can enable recording and decide which call recording mode to use. I will choose custom in this example as I only want one of my numbers to be recorded.


If you decide to choose either Incoming, Outgoing, or All under the Call Recording Mode then there is nothing else for you to do. Save your settings, and your calls will now be recorded and viewable in your call logs. Since I have chosen the Custom option, I must enable which numbers are to be recorded.

To do this, go to Configure and select Manage Numbers. On your Manage Numbers page you will notice there is a new column next to each number labeled Recording. To enable recording for a number, click the check box next to the number (1). Call recording is now enabled for that specific number.


Checking your call recordings

When you are ready to review your call recordings, go to Call Info at the top of your account, and select View/Search Call Logs. Within each call entry on your call logs that has been recorded, you will notice a preview box with a play button (1). Pressing the play button will allow you to listen to your call recording. You can also press the download as .mp3 link to save the recording to your computer.


You are now all set up with call recording. All recordings will be removed from your account after a 13 month period. If you need to save them after that time, we would recommend saving them to your computer using the download as .mp3 link in your call logs page.

See you next Monday for some more knowledge!