University – Adding A Greeting

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Welcome to the month of November and our new theme, Small Business Setups! For this month we are going to cover a general guide on the configuration of the most common features small businesses should take advantage of.  This includes:

  • Creating a greeting for a menu system
  • Creating a menu system with various option prompts
  • Creating a call queue system

As a small business owner, by the end of November you will be equipped with the tools you need to set up a successful phone system and get on to more important business matters. For today, we’ll go ahead and start with how to add a greeting to your account and we’ll later use that when we set up you menu.

Start by logging into your account, then go to “Configure” at the top of your page, and select “Add A Greeting” on the far right.



This takes you to the “Add a Greeting” page where you’ll be prompted with various options. “Nickname(1)” is the name you’ll give your greeting so it’s uniquely identifiable should you want to edit it in the future. The greeting selection field (2) provides you with three options to add a greeting which are “Text to Greeting,” “Record From Phone,” and “Upload New File.”

SB1.2You have 3 direct options to add a greeting. If you are interested in having a professional recording done for you, I highly recommend checking out the “Professional Custom Recordings (1)” button on the far right of the current page. For this tutorial though, we are just going to select “Text to greeting (2)” which will bring up various options.



This is a simple method to get a quick greeting up on your account.  All you do is enter the message you want callers to hear and a computer-generated voice of your choice will read your message. Simply type your message in the main box (1), click the “Select a Voice (2)” dialog box to choose a voice, and then press “Preview (3)” to hear how your greeting sounds. If it all sounds great, go ahead and press the “Save Greeting (4)” box on the right side of your screen.

SB1.4That’s it! Your greeting has been created. Feel free to experiment with the other recording options such as “Record From Phone” which allows you to record your greeting straight from your cell phone.  “Upload New File” allows you to upload an audio file that you have recorded on your computer. 

To edit your greeting at any time, simply go to “Configure” then “Manage Greetings” and press the “edit” button on the greeting you want to modify.

For those of you that prefer a hands-on demo, be sure to check out the tutorial video below. Check back in next Monday and we’ll put this greeting to use in our very own menu system!