University – How To Access Your Free Conference Bridge Number

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Every extension is assigned a free conference bridge number to allow our customers to easily set up conference calls.  These conferencing bridges provide the following benefits:

  • High definition voice quality
  • Up to 500 participants
  • 15 moderator controls
  • A permanent conference line number

Accessing your bridge number

Each extension on your account has a unique conference ID pin. To access it, go to Configure at the top of your account and select Manage Users and Extensions. Under the Manage Extensions list, click the edit box next to any extension.

On the extension settings page, click Conferencing on the left navigation bar.

This last page will provide you with all of the details for your conference bridge. To start a conference call, provide participants with the Conference Bridge Number (1) and the Conference ID (2). You will want to sign in with your Moderator pin (2).



If you are dialing into the conference bridge from a device or our mobile app, you can simply dial #CONF (#2663) to be connected to the bridge.  For an even quicker shortcut, dial *CONF* and the Conference ID number to connect directly to the bridge.

Enjoy using this free conferencing feature included with every account! We’ll see you next Monday for some more knowledge.