Supports Entrepreneurs Day 2010 With Special Offers

Today is Entrepreneurs Day as proclaimed by President Obama.

Entrepreneurship is becoming more and more prevalent with the ability to work from anywhere and also the down turned economy. For a long time it was somewhat of a joke, anybody who said they were becoming a consultant really meant that they just lost their job. As grim as that sounds it forced a lot of good people to become great entrepreneurs. There are many examples of great businesses that were launched because of bad economic circumstances. is proud to be a common service widely used by entrepreneurs and small companies all over the country.
As such we would like to announce a special offer to potential new customers. We will give you 20% off your bill for 6 months plus a free vanity number plus free activation (that is 3 offers combined) to the first 50 people who Tweet or FaceBook us (as well as follow or like us) telling us about their venture. We want to hear what you are working on and we want to support you in the best way we can.

So tell your friends or family members who are entrepreneurs. We want to do what we can and this is it. You know what to do if you would like some help with your phone system so let’s hear all about your up to and let us help you. Just make sure I see what you posted by including @PhoneDotCom in your Twitter post or post on our FaceBook page.

This offer will be good till the end of 2010.